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Among all vision and eye problems, some have obvious or subtle symptoms while the others do not have noticeable signs. For those of the first category, they are usually treated at an early stage because people will go to see a doctor once there is a symptom. For the latter type of eye problems, regular eye checkups are important. The baby boomer generation is reaching their 60s and beyond. This old group is increasingly concerned about various eye problems, including acute conditions. In the eye care industry, prevention is forever better than cure. The earlier a condition is detected, the earlier the appropriate treatment can be administered. This is the case in any group of people, especially the Baby Boomer generation.


There are many factors that suggest a doctor's visit. For the Baby Boomer generation, it is very necessary to see an eye care practitioner if there is an abnormal condition. For instance, people with a family history of any systemic or chronic diseases are more susceptible to eye problems. This requires a doctor's visit at an early age. There are still other health problems that can lead to visual defects. Systemic or chronic diseases such as hypertensive and diabetic are among them.


Except for these serious diseases, common vision symptoms also need enough attention and a doctor's visit. Some people may strain to read smaller type such as books and newspapers. Some ones have difficulty telling the distance of an object. And there are folks working at a very close distance. Other common conditions include feeling nauseous when looking at far distances, a headache after computer work, difficulty driving at night and inability to coordinate the eye and the hand. Even some sport activities can be affected. People with a certain vision problem may have difficulty in focusing on the ball such as a tennis ball, basketball or racquetball. Any of these listed problems or conditions requires the person involved to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.


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Eye care for Baby Boomer

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This article was published on 2010/10/23