Eye Exercises To Improve Our Vision Naturally

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It is proved that eye strain is mainly responsible for eyesight problem. Then we can see the way to improve our vision problem is to reduce eye strain and relax our eyes. Regarding how to relax our eyes naturally, a large number of people may not have a clear idea. Actually, it is not difficult to relax our eyes, then to have our vision improvement naturally. The simple thing you need to do is to do some eye exercises on a regular daily basis. The following will introduce three simple eye exercises but with a great effect on people's vision:

The first eye exercise is Sunning. From the literal meaning, we can know it is related to the sun. Right! In fact, proper amount of sunshine is very important for our health as it can make our body to produce Vitamin D. You can take the eye exercises in the following steps: First, close the eyes with face towards the sun directly. Then move the head to the left and right side to make every part of our eyes can enjoy this beautiful sunshine. During the moving process, we should have deep and slow breath. Of course, we can also change the direction, for example, we can rotate our head clockwise, only if this can make us enjoy the sunshine more. It will be ok to repeat the circle for 5 minutes. But after each session, please don't forget to palm for few minutes.

The second simple eye exercise we want to introduce here is palming, which is the most commonly-used one. While sitting in the chair, we can rub our hands until they warm up. Then use the palm to cover our eyes so that we can put ourselves in the dark world. If it is not dark enough, we can use a blanket to cover our eyes. Just think about some pleasant pictures in our mind with deep and slow breath. Therefore, we can enjoy in this darkness with relaxed eyes. This circle is needed to be repeated for 5 times.

The last one is Eights eye exercise. This is especially effective after we work in front of computers for a long time and feel neck and shoulders pressed. In this exercise, it is necessary to find a quiet space. We can begin with drawing imaginary "eights" with our nose together with our head in vertical and horizontal directions. Please note that do not move your head too fast in case of pulling heads. This exercise does not only can help us to relax our eyes with smaller eights, but also can relax our neck and shoulders with bigger eights.

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Eye Exercises To Improve Our Vision Naturally

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This article was published on 2010/03/26