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There are many different causes of eye twitching and they are rarely serious. However, they can be quite bothersome especially if you're doing a lot of reading or writing. In some cases they could also be an indication of serious neurological problems. If you're experiencing other symptoms you should get to a doctor as soon as possible for a diagnosis and general checkup. This article will cover the less serious causes of eye twitch.

The most common causes are lack of sleep, stress, fatigue, screens (as in computer/TV screens), vitamin deficiency, eye strain, allergies, caffeine, and compressed nerves. In order to determine which of these is the cause of your particular eye twitching you need to examine your lifestyle and recent events in your life. The sleep, fatigue, and stress issues are all combined in a general sense as one can easily cause another and they usually occur in combination. The rest of them are quite easy for you to identify if they're occurring in your life.

Most places you'll find if you do the research will tell you that no one knows what causes eye twitching but this is simply because the list is so long that identifying it is rather difficult. The above reasons are simply the most common as well. Other causes could be withdrawal from specific drugs, prescription drugs, neurological disorders, and many more. Again if you're experiencing other symptoms check with a medical doctor to receive a proper diagnosis and make sure it isn't something more serious.

Also, note that if both of your eyes are twitching you probably have blepharospasm which can become debilitating if your eyes begin to sag as well causing near blindness. This is a more serious issue than if a single eye is having problems which would be known as a hemifacial spasm. In this case the above causes are likely to be the source and should be easy to treat once you identify what the problem is in your specific situation.

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Hopefully this article will help you identify the cause of your eye twitching problems but if you're like more information check out eye twitching causes or if you're looking for treatment or other information try my eye twitching page.

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Eye Twitching Causes

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This article was published on 2010/04/03