Good Fortune and Prosperity With The Power of Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

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It is an ancient belief that when a person receives good fortune and is praised by others around him, he could possibly be affected by what is called as the evil eye – this works much like a curse although not necessarily intentional on the part of the people casting the curse. The evil eye refers to the envious looks coming from the malevolent energies channeled through the other person’s magical eye. The result of this malevolent gaze is usually a series of misfortunes ranging from mere bad luck to more serious events like disease or even death. Ancient traditions counter these evil forces with talismans, charms, and amulets with designs and inscriptions that are believed to bring good fortune to those who wear them. Today, a lot of jewelry makers across different cultures have their own line of these accessories that are modern and fashionable but still with the same traditional spiritual and mystical elements. Evil eye jewelry as well as decorations and ornaments are increasingly becoming popular not only for their protection powers but also for their aesthetic appeal.

The evil eye is shaped like the eye itself although there are a lot of designers and artists who have stylized their designs into more creative renderings based on their own preferences or those of their customers. The good eye in these items is supposed to reflect the malevolent gaze to ward it off and prevent it from causing misfortune or harm to the wearer – think of light bouncing back when shined directly on a mirror. Aside from warding off evil, this eye design promotes feelings of happiness and fulfillment promoting positive energies that bring about a general sense of well-being and oneness with the universe. Displaying ornaments and wearing jewelry with the eye design serves to help control non-material energies that bring the mind and body to a better state of health and behavior. These eye design ornaments are usually hung on door frames of homes or on trees on the front yard while eye design jewelry pieces are worn as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, and brooches meant to give protection against misfortune and evil.

In Jewish tradition, the Hamsa is one of the most popular image that incorporates the power of evil eye protection into its hand-shaped design, also referred to as the Hand of Fatima, featuring a hand-shaped figure with fingers pointing downward either all spread out or close together. The Hamsa as used in Kabbalah jewelry serves as protection against evil and as a means to evoke good fortune – he eye design is often added to the Hamsa’s palm to add to its protection powers. Although Jewish in roots, anyone can actually purchase these Hamsa and Kabbalah jewelry bearing the eye design from Jewish jewelry stores both in local commercial centers and in online resources, and use them to take advantage of its protection against ill fate. Jewelry pieces featuring the good eye come in a variety of designs and are adorned with an assortment of gems and embellishments to appeal to the different tastes and preferences of those who wish to get protection from the evil eye through these accessories.

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Good Fortune and Prosperity With The Power of Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

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Good Fortune and Prosperity With The Power of Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

This article was published on 2011/07/14