Hay Fever Symptoms Are Not Only Experienced During the Summer

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Hay fever 'attacks' occur when the body's natural immune system is over reactive to pollens, grasses and other known air borne pollutants. Many people react to specific allergens and, although they are more typically associated with summer grasses and pollens, there are many who suffer from hay fever type symptoms throughout the year.

In the past those who suffer from hay fever retreated inside in an attempt to fight their war against sneezing, dry, itchy eyes and streaming noses. Latest technologies have enabled life to be far more bearable with over the counter eye drops, nasal sprays as well as anti-histamine oral medications which help to reduce and relieve the severity of hay fever pending on the type and the combinations of symptoms experienced.

However many chronic hay fever suffers have found that many of these over the counter medications also have side effects which are not acceptable and in some cases can actually be dangerous. These may also only be short term solutions and need to be taken or applied throughout the duration of a particular pollen's most prolific time span. This can be months or just a few weeks. Those who are allergic to more than one particular pollen can suffer their symptoms for months, whilst those who are have allergic reactions to dust and man-made air pollutants wage war against their specific symptoms all year long.

The ideal solution is to use products which are made from natural ingredients, although these can also cause different types of allergic reactions for certain people. For example their sneezing may decrease however a marked increase in sore and itchy eyes is experienced.

Recent studies have shown that many people are not satisfied with many of the over the counter nasal sprays or eye drops which are widely available and are looking for new products which will help relive their dry, itchy and sore eyes symptoms without having to remain inside throughout the summer!

These eye drops are easy to apply and can be used without causing unwanted side effects as they keep the eyes moisturized enabling the irritation to be soothed. Other new products include sprays which are applied to closed eyes rather than applying directly into the eye as with eye drops. Although are not specifically designed to relieve hay fever, they can leave the eyes feeling refreshed and less irritated.

Dry eye symptoms are not only caused by allergic reactions to pollens or dust, environmental aspects such as air conditioning and central heating can also have an adverse effect on the eye's natural ability to provide sufficient lubricants to keep the eyes moisturized. Eye drops which help lubricate the eyes, as well as making them feel more comfortable and refreshed are also widely available over the counter without the need for prescription medication from a doctor or physician.

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Hay Fever Symptoms Are Not Only Experienced During the Summer

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This article was published on 2010/03/30