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Conjunctivitis can be defined as an inflammatory condition of the conjunctiva, a thinner transparent membrane that covers the front of the eye. The condition of conjunctivitis is also described to as soreness of eyes and is quite a common ailment. It is highly contagious and spreads person to person very quickly.

Conjunctivitis Homemade Remedies

The diet rich in Vitamin A and B2 is useful tip to cure pink eye problem. For this, include whole milk in your diet. Also, you can prepare mixture of carrot, tomatoes, coriander leaves and beetroots. Pumpkin, almond, curd, butter, is also found useful in treating conjunctivitis.

Prepare this homemade conjunctivitis remedy -60 ml of water and with dried coriander. Use this infusion for washing the eyes. It will not only relieve the burning sensation in the eyes but will also reduce an inflammation. This is one of the best home remedies for conjunctivitis.

One of the most important home remedies for conjunctivitis is keeping the eyes away from sunlight and bright light as they irritate eyes.

Constipation worsens the condition of conjunctivitis and adopting natural remedies for constipation can be considered as effective home remedies for conjunctivitis.

Vegetable juices are good for healing this ailment. For this, approximately 150 ml of spinach juice is added to 250 ml of beetroot juice. This mixture is taken once a day for about 15 days.

Another effective home remedy for conjunctivitis is putting cool, moist bags containing chamomile tea on each eyelid for at 5-7 minutes. For good effects, repeat this after 2 hr. Similar conjunctivitis homemade remedy is washing the eyes using chamomile flower tea.

Health experts opine that herbal remedy for conjunctivitis is amalaki. Take a cup Indian gooseberry juice and add 2 teaspoon of honey to it. Take this mixture two times a day for the period of one week.

Keep the dwelling clean. The dust and other pollutants, if enter into the eyes can make the condition of pink eye worse. .

Other natural remedies to cure conjunctivitis

One of the effective home remedies for conjunctivitis is applying solution of Aloe vera juice (diluted) onto the eyelids. You can use cotton cloth for this. This is very useful conjunctivitis homemade remedy for reducing the itching, tenderness of the sore eyes.

Honey is said to be very effective homemade remedies for conjunctivitis but then it is severely burning. Purified honey can be used as natural pink eye cure if used in a proper way. It is though better to consult concerned health care provider before putting the honey into the eyes. Nevertheless, there are herbal products available on the market with honey as main ingredient.

Never do eye itching. It worsens the case. Instead, use sterile lukewarm water dipped cotton swab for a gentle wipe.

Increase dark, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

Smoking and alcohol is never recommended during this problem.

Ayurveda believes that fasting is one of the very natural remedies for conjunctivitis. Try to avoid heavy food that is difficult to digest like butter, jam etc. Turn on the light food such as corn flakes.

You can reduce inflammatory condition of eye with natural rose water. This helps in calming the burning sensation of eyes.

Conjunctivitis is caused due to various facts like viruses, bacteria, and allergies to different chemical agents. It is contagious condition and spreads easily. In this the eye of the affected person becomes pinkish red and hence it is also called as pink eye condition. In this condition the eyes gets affected and discharge clear or yellowish watery substance. There are various home remedies for conjunctivitis - pink eye but in case within a week the pink eye doesn't get normal then it is better to consult the doctor.

Home remedies for Conjunctivitis - Pink Eye:

After you get conjunctivitis it s better to follow a complete fruit based diet plan for one entire week. Make sure to eat lots of seasonal fruits along drinking fruit juices. If you cannot follow this diet for more than four days then you can go back to your normal diet.

Among the fruits avoid banana , as it will slow down the procedure of healing.

Your regular diet should also include fresh leafy vegetables along with fruits. Whole-wheat bread, vegetable salads, nuts are also some of the healthier options for you.

Avoid eating anything to satisfy your taste buds. Food items like puddings, meats, oily foods, deserts and beverages like coffee and tea should also be taken in limited quantity, in case you find it difficult to manage without these beverages.

Parsley, carrots and spinach are very effective in the treatment of conjunctivitis. You can drink juices made from these vegetables as it is or by mixing them with one another. Mix 200 ml spinach juice to 300 ml of carrot juice and drink it. You can also mix parsley juice instead of spinach juice in the carrot juice. Vegetable juices are one of the most effective home remedies for conjunctivitis - pink eye .

Juice of Indian gooseberry with one teaspoon of honey in it has proved beneficial for many in the treatment of conjunctivitis.

Washing your eye is also very big task in conjunctivitis. For this you can prepare eyewash using dry coriander . For making the eyewash put one cup of dry coriander in half-liter water. Rinsing your eye with this water solution with reduce the swelling of the eye and also give relief from the pain.

You should consume Vitamin A rich food when you have conjunctivitis. Yogurt, butter, tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, papaya, milk and almonds all these food items are rich source of vitamin A and Vitamin B2 .

You can also prepare another eyewash by mixing some boric acid powder in warm water. Wash your eyes with this solution early in the morning and then again in the evening.

As this condition spreads very fast, make sure that you always wear goggles when you go out of the house or when you are in someone else's company. This way conjunctivitis will not spread among your family and friends.

Don't rub your eyes; instead clean the dirt with cotton balls. Wash your eyes more than often to keep them clean.

After getting up from sleep, you might find it difficult to open the infected eye. For this don't pull your eye instead wash it gently and try to open it slowly.

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You can also prepare another eyewash by mixing some boric acid powder in warm water. Wash your eyes with this solution early in the morning and then again in the evening.

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Home Remedies For Conjunctivitis

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