How Often Do I Need To Get My Eyes Checked?

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The people of different age groups require testing their eyes at different intervals to rule out the chances of any eye injury or vision problems which can hinder their health and wellbeing. If left undetected, the eye issues can aggravate and can even cause serious damage to the eyes, which may include partial or even complete blindness.

The parents should take the infant to get their eyes checked by Pembroke Pines Eye Doctor
at the age of six months. The stereopsis of the infant is completely developed when he/she is 9 months old. There are chances of any condition or disease which may prevent the infant from clear vision and due to it both the eyes may not develop complete stereo vision. So, early intervention will help in detecting the issues, as any treatment after 9 months may be too late and the infant has to live with some form of eye issue for their lifelong.

Toddlers should be taken for eye check up at a renowned eye center or Fort Lauderdale Eye Doctor at the age of 3 and 5. Even if there is no prior history of eye problems in the family, still the eye examination is imperative. The binocular vision of the child gets completely developed when the child reaches 6 years of age. So, the risks of any condition or disease may be present that may hinder the child from acquiring a clear vision and may also result in "crossed eye" or "lazy eye". Through the visit to Pembroke Pines Eye Doctor, the issues can be clearly detected and timely treatment can be administered. Any delay can cause permanent damage and the prognosis can be poor.

The parents should take care to get their child examined every year till their finish high school and even when they are in college to ensure that the vision problems are not posing any threats to the child's learning abilities.

Age group 19 to 39
The people belonging to this age group should get their eyes tested every 2 years and get an update about their prescribed glasses power or contact's wellness. Even if the people belonging to this age group may feel that their eye sight is fine, still they should get their eyes examined to save their vision from the attack of conditions like Glaucoma, that can cause permanent or 90% of peripheral nerve fibers damage.

Aged 40 and above
Fort Lauderdale Eye Doctor can be selected to get yearly eye check up. The people belonging to this age group are prone to diseases like high blood pressure, arthritis, cataract, thyroid, glaucoma and so on that can cause ocular complications.
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How Often Do I Need To Get My Eyes Checked?

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This article was published on 2011/02/04