Laser Eye Correction Helps to Improve Vision

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The laser eye correction is a medical treatment done to either replace cornea or repair it. It is done under the supervision of an experienced and skilled eye specialist also known as Ophthalmologist. The role of doctor is vital in the entire treatment of cornea as slight negligence can cause loss of vision while damaging the eye completely for a life time.

Amongst other types of eye surgeries, laser eye surgery includes the one which deals with the correction of refractive index of eyes by repairing of replacing cornea. This particular surgery is done to prevent common vision disorders such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. These days, laser eye surgery is getting common amongst masses as doctors’ guarantee a complete cure for all vision disorders to the patients suffering from them.

The laser eye treatment undergoes several phases, which a patient might undergo. The crucial ones are discussed below:

Step One:  patients who are diagnosed for a particular type of vision ailment including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, they are asked to place themselves on the recliners.  Once they are seated properly, anesthesia in the form of eye drops is given to them so that they hardly feel any sensation around that area. It takes few minutes to do let the eyes set after which the area around the eyes is cleaned properly to avoid any dirt accumulating there.

 Step Two: After the cleansing process is over, doctor, with the help of a surgical instrument known as speculum opens the eye lids to prevent them from blinking frequently. Suction around the cornea area is done, which will cause vision to blur and dim for a while. Final step of this phase involves the cutting of a thin and round skin type flap from the surface of eyes with the help of yet another surgical instrument known as microkeratome. This is done so that the surgeon reaches to the part where cornea is placed.

Step Three: After cutting the flap the, it is replaced with a new the repaired one using a programming laser. This is final step after which the patient is asked to give rest to his or her eyes for at least 24-hours and come for regular visits at the doctor’s clinic as a part of their follow ups.

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Laser Eye Correction Helps to Improve Vision

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Laser Eye Correction Helps to Improve Vision

This article was published on 2011/09/20