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Each year, an increasing number of residents in Saginaw, the Bay-area and the rest of United States are considering LASIK surgery to correct vision problems. It has become one of the most popular and most requested procedures all over the country. However, in hand with this notoriety is the increase in misconceptions and false assumptions about the process. There are several frequently asked questions that Saginaw optometrists always hear from their patients.


What Makes A Good Candidate?


It's impossible for any doctor to make an accurate assessment of your suitability unless they have personally conducted an examination of your condition. Every case is unique and needs an individual evaluation. Nevertheless, there are some general guidelines that all good candidates share. Healthy eyes, the lack of systemic ailments such as glaucoma or diabetes, as well as a relatively stable eye grade are all necessary. It goes without saying that candidates must be over eighteen for both legal and medical reasons. A younger patient's eye is still subject to change its characteristics during puberty which may render LASIK ineffective.


How Long Is The Procedure?


A skilled surgeon will have you out of the chair and on your way home in around twenty minutes. Surgery on each individual eyeball, barring any complications, will usually take around ten minutes.


Does It Hurt?


This is the most common query that Saginaw LASIK specialists receive. The truth is that the procedure, if done correctly, should be entirely painless. Special eye drops that numb the nerve endings in your eyes as well as a mild oral contraceptive will ensure that the patient will feel at most a mild scratching sensation.


What Are The Possible Side Effects?


It's common for the patient's vision quality to fluctuate during the days immediately after the surgery. Some experience dryness and "halos" when looking directly at light sources. This is normal while the eye is still healing. Saginaw LASIK surgeons assure patients that all side effects fade and disappear within two weeks.


Are The Results Permanent?


A correctly executed Saginaw LASIK eye surgery is one hundred percent permanent. It's a onetime procedure that will continue to reward you for the rest of your life.


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This article was published on 2011/01/12