Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis

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Conjunctivitis, more commonly referred to as Pink Eye, is a condition under which a person’s eye gets infected with some viral or bacterial infection that covers the entire white part of the eyes, and also forms a lining on the inside of the eyelids. It is a very painful and itchy condition, and gives the feeling of constant burning and irritation. It usually starts with one eye, but can spread to the other eye pretty quickly. When a person suffering from Conjunctivitis tries to wake up in the morning, the eyelids seem to completely stick to each other, and it becomes difficult to open the eyes.

Usually, many people opt for over the counter medications and eye drops etc. to cure this condition. However, with infants and kids, such medicines cannot be trusted, as they can have side effects on the child’s health. Therefore, it is better to know of some home remedies for pink eye, conjunctivitis, so that the problem can be cured without any risks.

One of the safest home remedies for pink eye, conjunctivitis is to boil fennel seeds in water, and use that water to wash the infected eyes. It will reduce the redness in the eyes, as well as the inflammation, and will aid in fast recovery.

Aloe Vera is one of the most widely used items to cure most kinds of viral and bacterial infections. You can use Aloe Vera juice by soaking a ball of cotton in it and placing it on the infected eye. It will again help in reducing the inflammation and the infection both.

You must remember that when you are following different home remedies for pink eye, conjunctivitis, you need to follow some basic hygiene rules as well. People suffering from pink eye should not share their towels, soaps and other products of personal use with others, as the infection can spread easily. This is even more important to follow in case of kids, as they catch such infections very quickly.

Many people also use turmeric powder mixed in boiling water as a warm compress to heal pink eye.

Another easy home remedy to heal conjunctivitis is to mix honey in boiling water, and allowing the water to cool down. Then use this water for rinsing your eyes every day. Honey has anti-bacterial properties, which help reduce the infection naturally and cures it faster.

A wet chamomile tea bag can also be placed on the infected eyes for about 10 minutes to cure conjunctivitis. It is very soothing in nature, and reduces the inflammation a lot. Kids find this one out of all home remedies for pink eye, conjunctivitis to be most comfortable. Repeat this every 2 hours or so.

Make it a point to not use contact lenses when suffering from pink eye, as it worsens the condition and adds to the irritation. Also, make sure that you do not keep rubbing your eyes constantly, as this will only cause the infection to become severe. Whenever your eyes feel very itchy, wash them with cold water or use a cold-water compress.

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Natural Home Remedies for Pink Eye, Conjunctivitis

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This article was published on 2011/05/20