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I have read many Eye 2's reviews. All are very consistent with my opinion. I am only glad to know that I am not the only golfer convinced that the Eye 2 is tops even +20 years later. I bought my set new about 22 years ago. Have tried other clubs deep cavity, forged, over size, super game improvers, you name it and I have tried them but the truth is that nothing is better than Eye 2's, comparable maybe but better is a hard task to beat and undertake. True, the sound of these clubs are not the best. In exchange for their forgiveness and overall performance this is a minor price to pay. All balanced, the only down side is the lofts between some of the clubs. Some of the lofts of the irons may be some what out dated but still, acceptable distance and great trajectories. I will ask and maybe my pro shop can change the lofts. If they are able to do this (Golfsmth claims they can) I will end up with the ultimate golf irons from excellent that they as is.

Over the years I have always come back to my Eye 2's. I have come to understand after years of trying one and another, and I must say, there are many wonderful sets out there in the market, that I will stay with my Eye 2 irons until the end of their useful life, that is, if they don't out live me, today age 57, As it stands today I have only replaced my long 4 iron with a Ping G5 25° hybrid as the 3 iron with a #7 G5 wood. This addition together with my G5 driver, #3 & #5 woods and an old Ping Putter make up my bag. I can't have a better full set of clubs. The only thing that is missing in my bag is a Ping Eye 2+ LW that I will have the loft changed from 58° to 60° once I am able to find at a reasonable price. I must add that the price that it is priced for (Ping $145.00 ebay similar price range) is truly outrageous but I am willing to pay the price in order to complete the best set of irons anyone could ever have.

Today if I HAD to replace my Eye 2's, which I don't, I would probably buy the Mizuno MX-19 or Ping G5 because of their similarity and comparable overall performance balance with the Eye 2's. As a technical man that I am and involved for several decades in the machining business, I think I have learned to know the difference between looks and more importantly, performance. Unfortunately many golf clubs today are designed around looks for differentiation rather than true game improvers.

By far the best is what is best for you. Don't shy away from these + 20 year old club. They were designed and made with true vision of the future and technical intelligence. With all due respect, Ping has not been able to come up with a noticeable better iron in the last 20 years as they did back in the late 80's and early 90's. Rapture and distance is not what middle to low handicapped golfers are looking for. Golfers in this category are who would be more than pleased and willing to pay the +$1,000 price range for a true and noticeable technical innovation.

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Ping Eye 2 Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/31