Super Secret Trick To Catch Your Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife Lying

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This tactic for catching your cheating spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend is so powerful and foolproof it really should be illegal.

Very few people know about this even very few psychologists and therapists know about this. This tactic for catching a cheater lying is called subconscious visual cues.

To help you understand how this works let me give you a little bit of insight on how the brain works first.

To See If Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Spouse is Lying Look at Their Eyes

When people think their eyes will move in distinct directions. When somebody is creating something in their mind or making something up their eyes will move in one specific direction. When that same person is accessing a memory from their mind their eyes will move to a totally different location. When somebody is lying to you their mind is creating something. If they are telling you the truth they will access the memories of their mind. So when somebody is lying their eyes will move in the same direction as when creating something. When they are telling the truth their eyes will move in the direction they move when remembering something.

The most common of these is eye movements is up and to the left when making something up and up and to the right when remembering something.

This is not always the case so for this tactic to work effectively you first have to establish a baseline of the person's subconscious visual cues. Here is how to do that.

Ask the potential cheating partner a question that will force them to remember something. An example of this is to ask them 'what was the color of the house you lived in when you were 16?' In order to get an answer to that question the person will have to access a memory. Watch which direction their eyes move. At some point, perhaps later in the day so it doesn't look suspicious or weird that you're asking these questions, ask your potential cheating partner another question that will force them to access a memory. Questions regarding the color of things, the taste of something, or how something feels are always good questions. Over the course of a day or two ask three or four questions that force the individual to access something from memory. Each time notice which way the eyes move. You'll have established the direction this person's eyes move when they are accessing a memory.

Now you want to create a baseline of that person's eye movements when they make something up. So ask your potential cheating partner questions that cause them to create something in their mind that doesn't exist, something that is not a memory. A silly example of this could be if you had a car that was pink what color do you think the bumpers would be? Asks these sorts of questions three or four times over the course of the next day or two. Again you want a space out the questions so it doesn't look weird or suspicious.

At this point you should have established the direction your cheating boyfriend or girlfriends eyes move when remembering something in the direction their eyes move when making something up.

So now it's easy to know when your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse is lying.

If you ask him a question about something like 'where were you?' If they are telling the truth their eyes are going to move in the direction they move when remembering something. If they are lying their eyes will move the direction they move when creating something in their mind. This is just one of hundreds of super powerful tips for knowing if your spouse or partner is cheating on you that can be found inside 'How To Bust Liars' secret handbook which could be used in conjunction with 'Catch Cheating Spouse' handbook for smoking out your lying and cheating spouse or partner once and for all.

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Super Secret Trick To Catch Your Cheating Husband or Cheating Wife Lying

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This article was published on 2011/01/04
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