Treatments Of Amd Given By Connecticut Low Vision Doctors' Treatments

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AMD, or age-related macular degeneration, is a chronic eye surgery. It is concerned with the degeneration of the center of the eye's retina, also referred as macula, and the thinning and shriveling of the macula are the main factors contributing to such a degenerative condition. Symptoms include blur vision, headache and eye strain, etc.. And it is the number one cause of severe vision loss and legal blindness in adults over 60 in the U.S. It has ever been considered one of the most complicated eye diseases, however, researches recently show that it can be cured by the Connecticut low vision doctors if it is in an early stage. Medicines are not the main elements in the treatment, but a change in diet and lifestyle.

To know how to treat AMD, firstly let's have a brief view of the classification of it. Wet AMD and dry AMD are the two categories. The dry one is the most common type of macular degeneration and affects 90% of the people who have the condition, while the wet one is much rarer, affecting patients in about 10%. In the dry form, there is breakdown or thinning of the layer of retinal PRE(Pigment Epithelial Cells) in the macula, and wet AMD occurs when there is an abnormal build-up of blood vessels in the eye. Usually the former one is more inclined to be cured.

Treatments of ADM given by Connecticut low vision doctors, ophthalmologists who have been specially trained in issues related to macular degeneration and other conditions, are about how to cure early stage AMD by keeping a healthy diet and lifestyle. Usually, they would advise the patients to each more leafy green vegetables, such as bitter greens, spinach or kale. For omega-3 fatty acids are healthy to eyes, therefore, salt water fish and other foods high in omega-3 fatty acids are also good options. In addition, take eye exercises regularly to relax eye muscles.

Besides, a healthy diets and lifestyle, the Connecticut low vision doctors would also prescribe some devices to help the treatment of AMD. Biopic glasses is one of them. Because of the application of miniature telescopes, the patients would see more clearly, due to the fact it allows for high magnification of objects in the central field of view.

Anyhow, no matter what methods is used to treat AMD. One of the most important tip is to get eye examined regularly so as to get awareness of any potential eye diseases in time.

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Treatments Of Amd Given By Connecticut Low Vision Doctors' Treatments

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This article was published on 2010/10/20