Understanding Twitching Eyes & How to Help

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Blepharospasms, or more specifically: 'temporary eye twitching', generally affects one in every four people within an entire lifetime; it is very common. Have you ever been sitting in front of your computer at work, or in front of your professor in class and you can feel some sort of a spasm moving your eyelid or eyebrow up and down? The term "Blepharospasms" is defined as an insistent, recurring palpitations of the muscles surrounding the eye lids. While these twitches are generally harmless to the average person, they can get very annoying. As long as we know that its not damaging to us, the two most important questions we must know the answers to are: 'Why are my eyes twitching? and 'Is there a way to make it stop?'

Why are my eyes twitching?
Your eyelids could begin to twitch for a number of different reasons. Since so many people experience eye lid spasms, most of the main reasons that it occurs overlap each other. However, the primary explanation of twitching eye lids can be found from lack of sleep. While the rest of our bodies can suffer significantly when we're tired, fatigue typically affects our eyes first and foremost. Other primary reasons for these spasms can be blamed upon lifestyle or diet. Too much stress - both physically and emotionally - can make our eyes extremely tired, while too much caffeine can cause an over-stimulation and cause twitching. There are other reasons that your eyes twitch - which may be a bit more serious. Anxieties could also bring out the over-stimulation to a mild extent; while neurological problems, brain damages, and epilepsy can cause spasms as well. Unless there is an already known condition, it is most likely that your twitching isn't caused by the latter; however of course, it is always best to contact your doctor directly.

Is there a way to make it stop?
If you are not getting enough sleep, drinking too much coffee, or over-stressed, the number one way to make your eye twitching stop is to simply remove yourself from those conditions - i.e. get more sleep, cut back on the caffeine, and try to de-stress as best as possible. However, if the spams are not going away, there are a few natural, and herbal ways to help reduce the amount of twitching. Cina, as well as anything with antispasmodic properties, like Hyoscyamus, can help alleviate the annoyance. Chamomilla can help release stress - which discussed above, may be one of the provoking factors of the spasms. Lastly, zinc is very good for you in general, but particularly helps with muscle spasms - again, specifically related to added stress.

If your eye lids are experiencing any sort of twitching, it may be time to see your doctor for a new eyeglasses prescription - as this too can put extreme strain on your eyes, and in turn cause them to spasm. If your prescription details are different than you thought, you would need to invest in a new pair of prescription glasses in order to alleviate the twitching.

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Understanding Twitching Eyes & How to Help

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This article was published on 2012/03/21