Want to Dress Up As the Band KISS?

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In the 1970's four New Yorkers got together to start a rock group. Wanting to be different then the average white man band the four musicians put on some crazy clothes and lavish make up and hit the streets. In essence, these musicians decided to become clowns in order to express their artistic vision and send their message to souls around the world. "Did it work" you might ask. With 24 gold albums, 19 million records sold in the United States, and over 85 million records sold worldwide- the answer is yes. The four clowns, known as KISS, became a success.

How did they manifest their inner clowns into a way that spoke to people? The same way you can. Each member took elements of the things they were most passionate about: cynicism, comic books, and living on a space ship in outer space. So before rushing to the apply your first coat of white makeup across your cheeks, take time to consider which musician you most identify with and create your character accordingly. This list below will help you decide how you want your face to appear.

The Starchild- Paul Stanely's character is fairly simple. You will need red lips and a patch of black to surround the left eye

The Demon- Gene Simmon's on screen personality. This can be achieved by applying black lipstick and black eye shadow on both right and left eyes

The Spaceman- Played both by Ace Frehely and Tommy Thayer need black lipstick and either grey or silver eye shadow to surround the eyes.

The Catman- Peter Criss and Eric Singers personas replicates its title- you will want to look like a cat. Draw thick black whiskers, strong red lipstick, and try to recreate the most catlike eyes with black and green makeup

The Fox- For fans of Eric Carr use black for the lips and red for the eyes and shape the eyes almost like a car's side view mirrors- but slanted inward towards the nose.

The Ankh Warrior- The most barbaric of singers, Vinnie Vincint's character can be achieved by drawing a golden cross above the eye browns and down the nose. Then apply a simple touch of black eye shadow and lipstick.

Each costume is slighty different- but the overall look can be achieved by buying a full length black elastic body suit. Short or long sleeves will both work, but looking up images of your character's outfits might create the most authentic look. Decorate the suit with silver studs, capes, or even armor- making adjustments to resemble the character of your choice

High heel platform boots which ride up to the knees will be the beauties that protect your feet. But practice a few rounds walking in your shoes before picking up an instrument to accompany your outfit.

The one thing all members had in common was thick black hair. So be sure find your KISS wig as mycostumewigs.com and head your night showing off your inner clown and partying like a rockstar.

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Want to Dress Up As the Band KISS?

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This article was published on 2010/04/04